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What a crank-scraper is and other technical info... Some comments on our products...
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We can  do custom stroker or knife-edge crank designs.  We can provide plastic templates for initial fitting and adjustment. Plastic templates cost $100 and are a separate charge from the scraper pattern chosen.

We have included some representative pictures of the scrapers we make.  If you would like to see a picture of a particular scraper please ask -- we would be more than happy to send one through.

When available (please enquire) our zero-clearance Teflon® scrapers run an additional $130.00 to the cost of the standard steel scraper unless noted.

Remember, your vehicle may have an engine made by a different manufacturer so check both product lines.  If you are still unsure, please contact us.


Modified 4A Windage Tray, 4A crank scrapers (also 7A crank scrapers)

Important note: It has been brought to our attention that there are some engines like very late 4AGZE blocks and 4AFE that have a casting variation that intrudes into the 3rd and 4th bay area but otherwise use a 16V type pan and tray.  We can make scrapers to fit this variation with no problem and at no additional cost but you need to specifically request it at the time the order is placed.  If you have a bare block this area can be easily ground away.

A modified windage tray for a Toyota 4A series engine such as the 4AFE, 4AGE, 4AGZE and so on.   If you have the 20 valve which has a different oil pan flange pattern please let us know as we can modify the tray to fit.   The pictures below include parts from the scraper kit:


It is a dual tray which means it has two separate layers. There is a $30 core charge (Toyota part number 12122-16011 Plate, oil pan baffle) or customer can send a new or good used core. The inner layer is made from suspended directional screening which has been used for many years in windage trays to capture and dissipate the energy of high speed oil droplets which can cause foaming or bounce back up and be hit again and again.  The solid tray underneath has been slotted and drilled to allow scavenged oil to freely drain through.  The added slots and holes are not so large, however, so as to allow splashing sump oil to contact the rotating assembly.  The dual windage tray is the most advanced system available for this engine and would complement and improve even a dry sump system.  The dual windage tray runs $179.95; the modified tray for the 20v runs $229.95.   


Pics of 20v tray:


Most recent version of 20v tray:

with 20v steel scraper:

20V Teflon scraper:

Knife-edged Teflon bladed scraper (for a custom crank) that works in harmony with the tray:

       Scraper sitting in 20v pan: 

The 4A series windage tray is complemented by the Dual 4A series crank scrapers we also manufacture.  This scraper includes a center baffle to help segregate bays 1-2 and 3-4 from each other.  This baffle installs under the center main bearing cap bolts:  $99.95; Teflon version shown is $130 additional.

This picture shows the new dual scraper and baffle next to the modified windage tray:

There is a similar scraper for use with the 7A -- it is thinner on the oil pan perimeter because of the upper alloy sump used on the 7A. ($99.95 for steel, oil-pan perimeter versions of the 7A; Teflon-bladed version $130 additional.)

Toyota Atlantic 4AGE windage control system

The open wheel cars in this series develop multiple Gs during braking and turning and this causes the oil ejected from the rods and mains and draining from the head -- even in a dry sump system -- to travel sideways causing windage losses even prior to the oil reaching the scavenge ports.  This is why compartmentalization of piston bays is used in Formula 1 engines, for example.

The following is a description of the system for the 4AGE based Atlantic engine.  This pure racing engine uses a crank and rods that are different from the many passenger car versions.

The windage control parts for the sump are specific to the TRD Reynard (89-93) piece and are available separately.  The scraper system is specific to the 4AGE engine and can be used with other sumps with the possibility that the piston bay segregation baffles may need to be adjusted for height. 

The bare TRD sump shows an open well within which scavenge ports are available; ARE mounted the screened scavenge fittings:

To control oil movement in the sump well a baffle is provided that continues the slope of the pan walls but creates a perimeter overhang which helps stop oil in the well from climbing out of it.

Using the staggered hard mounting points in the TRD sump, a windage tray with directional screening is mounted with a crank scraper along the leading edge:

The dual scraper for the engine itself mounts underneath the nuts for the main bearing cap studs. The dual scraper works on both the up- and down-stroke of the engine and quickly shunts oil to the sump.  The system includes baffles that help isolate each bay from one-another but still allows bay to bay breathing from 1-2 and 3-4.  This is important and effectively addresses several ways to set up a dry sump system.

The steel scrapers should be set up with 1mm or .040" running clearance.  The Teflon® bladed scraper seen here can be safely run at zero clearance for enhanced efficiency.

The picture below shows the relative placement of the scraper to the windage tray.  The segregation baffles work in harmony with the divisions of the tray.

Here are some pictures of the scraper adjusted for use with the stock crank rather than the fully machined crank seen in the Atlantic engine:

$559.95 -- components available separately: dual scraper with segregation baffles $259.95 [Teflon® bladed upstroke scraper (shown) $130 additional]; Reynard TRD sump windage tray and baffles $319.95.

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