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What a crank-scraper is and other technical info... Some comments on our products...

We will try to keep this list updated but if you do not see your engine listed here please ask!  We can  do custom stroker or knife-edge crank designs.  We can provide templates for initial fitting and adjustment. Templates cost $100 and are a separate charge from the scraper pattern chosen.

We have included some representative pictures of the scrapers we make.  If you would like to see a picture of a particular scraper please ask -- we would be more than happy to send one through.

When available (please enquire) our zero-clearance Teflon® scrapers run an additional $130.00 to the cost of the standard steel scraper unless noted.

Remember, your vehicle may have an engine made by a different manufacturer so check both product lines.  If you are still unsure, please contact us.

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Copyright 2002-2023 © All rights are reserved on our product designs.

October 28th, 2022

"Just wanted to say how well your Honda H22 scraper works. Immediately I noticed more steady oil pressure, even with using an accusump. Last Sunday we had a race and the oil cooler developed a leak. We ended the race at just over 50% of oil normal oil level, but the pressure was still “good enough.” Without the scraper it most certainly would have dropped too low. I recommend it to all my Prelude racer friends."

-Ross Shull

F and H series

The F and H series engines now have a dual scraper system that works on both the up- and down-stroke of the rotating assembly.  For engines that have stock oil squirters we have both a steel and Teflon® design that allows the squirter rail to pass through the scraper and be installed. The squirter assembly passes through and rests on the scraper frame (which acts as a gasket for the banjo fitting).  Small custom washers/spacers are provided to lift the jets by the same thickness as the scraper frame.  To people familiar with the engine, installation might seem to be impossible because of the girdle structure but it is actually quite straight forward.  The steel F and H series dual scrapers run $89.95 WITHOUT the custom washers/spacers.   There is an additional charge of $35.00 for the washers/spacers if you would like them included.  Some people use the squirters and some do not.  They are time consuming to fabricate.

(Note: the F20C uses a different block and this pattern will not fit it.)

Here are the non-squirter designs:

Here are the designs for use with squirters:

Copyright 2002-2023 © All rights are reserved on our product designs -- a great deal of hard work goes into each one.

Teflon® is a registered trade mark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company. Only DuPont makes Teflon® resin sourced by Ishihara-Johnson Crank Scrapers from authorized DuPont licensees.

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