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What a crank-scraper is and other technical info... Some comments on our products...
Alfa-Romeo, AMC, BMC, BMW, Buick, Buick-Rover, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler/Mopar, Datsun-Nissan, Fiat-Lancia, Ford, GM, Honda/Acura, IHC, Jaguar, Lotus, Mazda, Mercedes, MGA/MGB, Mitsubishi, Oldsmobile, Opel, Pontiac, Porsche, Renault, SAAB, Studebaker, Suzuki-Geo, Toyota, Triumph, TVR,  VW, Volvo

We will try to keep this list updated but if you do not see your engine listed here please ask!  We can  do custom stroker or knife-edge crank designs.  We can provide templates for initial fitting and adjustment. Templates cost $100 and are a separate charge from the scraper pattern chosen.

We have included some representative pictures of the scrapers we make.  If you would like to see a picture of a particular scraper please ask -- we would be more than happy to send one through.

When available (please enquire) our zero-clearance Teflon® scrapers run an additional $130.00 to the cost of the standard steel scraper unless noted.

Remember, your vehicle may have an engine made by a different manufacturer so check both product lines.  If you are still unsure, please contact us.

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M10 (L4): 1.8, 2.0

M10 crank scraper with dual independent trap doors and now a second scraper.  These trap doors allow oil to freely drain from the side of the block without becoming trapped on top of the scraper but during high speed sweeper turns the doors swing shut.  This helps prevent a well-known problem with the tilted engine design of oil traveling up the side of the block.  At the rear of the scraper a ledge has been added to help prevent oil from climbing the rear of the sump during heavy acceleration. If you have a 1.8 version please be aware that the USA edition used a partially counterweighted crank.  We have patterns for a fully counterweighted crank of the same stroke -- we just need to know if your crank has them.  

Copyright 2002-2023 © All rights are reserved on our product designs. $124.95 [steel]; $254.95 [Teflon®]

We have made many versions of these scrapers for dry sumped engines.  Please let us know if that is the type of sump you are running.

Some brief remarks about the M10, M20 and M30 engines with respect to oil control: These engines were designed with then contemporary elements, e.g. oil was allowed to drain onto the rotating assembly from the head.  BMW US patent number 4,773,366 for a "Non-foaming crankcase configuration for piston internal-combustion engines" illustrates some of the engineering philosophy changes that went into the families of engines that replaced them. In 1994, SAE paper 940792 from FEV Motorentechnik, Aachen was presented that also goes over these design elements.

The crank scrapers we manufacture follow this design philosophy and extend it, particularly for vehicles that are used in extreme duty or competition (see "Kibort Effect").  We have had very favorable feedback over the years for these designs.  It is worth noting that the designs have been updated in at least nine generations over ten years which is extremely rare among aftermarket manufacturers.  The M30 design was one of our very first products and is part of our company logo.

Here are some pictures of the M10 type dual scraper:

Pics immediately above and below are of the dual scraper in steel

M10 dual scraper with Teflon®:

The pictures below show an earlier single pattern and how it sits with respect to the pan:


The last picture below shows the trap doors on an earlier pattern:






Copyright 2002-2023 © All rights are reserved on our product designs -- a great deal of hard work goes into each one.

Teflon® is a registered trade mark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company. Only DuPont makes Teflon® resin sourced by Ishihara-Johnson Crank Scrapers from authorized DuPont licensees.

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